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Hey there! Thanks for swinging by our little (but awesome) piece of the internet, and wanting to learn more about the people behind Luxurybackpacking! We’re honestly so happy that you’ve found our blog and wanting to know a bit more about us, whilst also learning to travel like us. So get the popcorn out and a drink, as we fill you in on our crazy lives!

We’re Emma & Yannick, a young and adventurous couple from England and Germany, who have been travelling non-stop together since we met back in 2014 in Thailand. We’ve currently (March 2017) travelled to 43 countries before turning 21, with more than 25 of those together. We’re pretty proud of this with our passports in hand, but we’re certainly not ending there, with many more countries including: Vanuatu, The Cook Islands, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, we could go on but we don’t want you to get bored before we even begin!

Being just 21 years old, we don’t have the usual background of escaping the 9 to 5 and perusing the dream of travelling. Emma’s in her last year of University in Sydney, studying Business and Yannick is waiting patiently for her graduation, so they can travel non-stop around the world. You may be thinking by this point, ‘How do you afford to travel?’, ‘Did they win the lottery?’, or ‘mummy and daddy’s trust fund?’. Nope. We’ve been living a simplistic lifestyle for the past two years, worked side jobs and learned how to travel hack. Its been a lot of hard work, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. We believe if we can do it, anyone can!


This is ultimately the question every reader wants to know.

We started our travel blog back in October 2016, as a way to document our own travels, blow your mind with our photography, introduce you to destinations around the world with our travel guides and posts, and to inspire you to create a better travel life through travelling in luxury on a backpackers budget!

By this point, you may be thinking: What’s the catch with your name “Luxurybackpacking“? It’s impossible to travel in luxury on a backpackers budget!? Ah see, there you are wrong my friend! If you know how to do it right, there are thousands of easy ways to get more travel for your money. We’re not really all about cutting every single expense down to the minimum, we just want to get the biggest value out of our money. And because of this, it often leads to us staying in nice places or flying to amazing countries in style, we want to teach you and give you our tips on how to do just that! We are not ultra-wealthy or special, we are just two regular people that share an amazing passion for travel and luxury, and we believe that everyone should have the potential to live their ultimate dream.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. We try to answer every single email. Also, make sure to follow our journey on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Originally growing up in the English Cotswold Countryside, travelling has always been a passion of hers since she can remember. Some of her fondest memories from childhood, involved the excitement of waking up early knowing she was going on holiday!

As she’s grown older that excitement has never gone away.  Being just 21 years old she have visited 43 countries from all corners of the globe, and hopefully many more to go. Exploring what the world has to offer, discovering new places and meeting travellers from all over the globe is what makes happy.

Her Top 3 Favourite Destinations So Far…
1. Thailand.
2. Australia.
3. South Africa.


After growing up and finishing high school in Germany, he decided to step outside his comfort zone and head to Thailand for four months, in search of a job. Successfully, he worked at a hostel on Koh Phangan which really stemmed his desire to travel and explore the world, and he’s never looked back since.

This is also where he met Emma. Since then they have travelled to over 25 countries in less than two years, with no plan to stop. Over the last few years, he has also learned a lot about how to travel in a fair bit of luxury, while actually spending less money than before, and showing you how you can do that too!

His top 3 favourite destinations so far…
1. Thailand.
2. USA.
3. Fiji.


To be honest, our journey of being digital nomads is only just beginning, and we couldn’t be any more excited! Right now, we’re getting every opportunity to travel whilst Emma’s at University, but once she graduates in November we’ll be off exploring, so be ready for us! We’re so grateful that we can work from our laptops from anywhere in the world (as long as there is wifi connection).

So from now until November, we’re got planned (so far): Vanuatu, Amsterdam, Oman, The USA, New Zealand and The Cook Islands. However, I’m sure we can squeeze a few more destinations in!

Once 2018 starts we’re grabbing our backpacks, heading out on a 6 months road trip across Australia with Pedro the Mitsubishi Pajero, and then backpacking Asia for the other 6 months, so stick around and follow us on our epic journey’s!


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Travelling has changed our lives in so many ways, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. If you are open to possibilities and taking steps outside your comfort zone, then we believe travelling can change yours too!



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