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Australia Travel Guide

We love Australia. Not just because Emma studied her University degree here but it is such a diverse expansive country, no matter how many times you visit you will always be amazed. It is also one of the most popular backpacker destinations in the world, with a wide range of accommodation, travel and adventure options for any traveller. Whether you want to ski in one of Australia’s many resorts (yes you heard that correctly!), visit Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef or you just want to chill on a white sandy beach, Australia has it all.

Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world, with a strong cafe culture and love for food, whereas the more metropolitan city of Sydney is home to stunning architecture including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. We love Australia and in 2018 we will be touring the whole country, so stick around for our trip. We will be showing you guys how you can travel Australia like us, on a budget but in style with our blog posts!


Currency: Australia Dollar ($) Click here for currency conversion rates.
Language: English
Good to know: In winter (May to September), it does get cold, even in the day! So make sure you pack jumpers and jackets, you’ll be surprised how cold it gets in the outback as well at night!
Capital: Canberra.
Visa: Many different types of visas depending on nationality and purpose for trip. Click here for full information.
Climate: Summer is hot and dry, autumn and spring are warm with sunny days and winter can get cold, experiencing snow and freezing temperatures inland and on higher ground.
Power Adaptors: 2/3 pin plug – Type I (Click here for full information).
Global Peace Index: Rank 15th of 163.

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