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Hey! We are Emma Lomas and Yannick Westphal, the couple behind the popular luxury travel blog, Luxurybackpacking.

Before starting our travel blog, we were primarily social media influencers on Instagram, followers kept asking us for tips on places we had visited and how they can travel like we do. As a result, back in October 2016 we created our own travel blog! Since then, we are proud to say that we’ve built our website and social media channels into a huge online market place and information source that can offer brands, products and companies an incredible amount of online exposure.

We have worked with some of the largest and most innovative brands in the world, and take pride in promoting destinations around the world, hotels that we love and products that we use and believe in through high quality photography and writing.

Our rates are very competitive, making this a great time to have your name, brand or company seen by our 115,000+ targeted audience.

What can we do for you?

(Note: All partnerships must be in line with Luxurybackpacking’s travel style and audience interest)

Press Trips & Destination Partnerships

By inviting us to your destination, tour or your country, you will be hiring us to showcase and promote our experiences to a new and exciting audience through the use of professional photography, social media, videography and well-written articles on our blog.

Social Media Campaigns

We can promote your brand/product through our social media channels, by using your @ handle to mention your accounts and/or product, and your specified hashtag to ensure that you maximise your ROI on the channels of your choice.

Brand Ambassadors 

If you would like a well-known and respected travel blog to be a long-term representation/ambassador for your product and brand, simply Contact Us and we will work out a package that is right for both of us in moving forward in our agreement.

Hotel, Tour & Product Reviews 

Looking to have your hotel, tour or product professionally reviewed and shared on all our social media channels? We can offer honest and unbiased write-ups that are specified to our niche.

Social Media Management

We can provide management and take-overs of the following social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for travel and marketing brands. If organic growth, engagement and influence is your priority, we are experts in this field.

Sponsored Content

If you’re willing to follow Google’s guidelines, we’d be happy to feature your brand on our site and social media channels through an article either written by your company, or by us which would then by published on our blog.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Traffic & Statistics

  • Monthly Page Views – 19,000+
  • Monthly Unique Visitors – 6,500+
  • Monthly Visits – 8,500+
  • Social Media Following – 115,000+
  • Klout Score – 77.

Our Readers & Followers

  • 45% aged between 25-34
  • 20% aged between 18-24
  • Roughly 70% of our readers are female
  • 30% USA
  • 25% Europe
  • 25% Australia & New Zealand

Some Current & Previous Partners

  • Cathay Pacific
  • STA Travel
  • Experience Oz + NZ
  • Luxury Escapes
  • Discovery Channel Australia & NZ
  • Six Senses Resort & Spa
  • Kayak
  • Hilton Hotels
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Why You Should Work With Luxurybackpacking

There are thousands upon thousands of travel blogs on the internet today, so why should you choose to work with us? It’s simple – when you partner with us, we can introduce your brand to our highly travel focused audience and our 115,000+ social media followers. What’s more, we will have the expertise, experience and dedication to take your product or destination to the next level.

Although we are one of the youngest couple travel blogs out there, we have a burning passion for this lifestyle, and finding every way we can, to travel in luxury on a backpackers budget. We’re not like other travel bloggers who “quit their jobs to travel”, but we share the same passion. Through encouraging, teaching and sharing our knowledge of travelling in luxury for less. We’ve travelled to 43 countries before turning 21, so although we are young, we know exactly what travellers want, whether it’s on a budget to luxury, or both! This not only allows us to create high quality posts but also from numerous travel styles.

View & Download our Media Kit Below!

LuxuryBackpacking Media Kit

Contact Us

If the above suits your brand/product and you’d like us to work together, send us an email in the contact form below. However, please note that we are not in a position to work with you and sharing your brand to our readers and followers without monetary compensation. Please save yourself the time in asking, as we will most likely not reply to requests that do not meet our requirements. Otherwise, we are a very friendly and outgoing couple, who would love to talk to you further! Email works best, and we check it most days. We are also available for a Skype call if it’s for larger, on-going partnerships.