Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review: The Best $ We’ve Spent On Blogging!

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Back in December 2016 we took the plunge and bought Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Online Affiliate Marketing Course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Many of you in the blogging sphere will most likely have heard about Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and her popular affiliate marketing course, Making Sense of Affiliate MarketingShe is the awesome lady behind the blog: Making Sense of Cents.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an online course where Michelle dishes out on her secrets and methods which allows her to earn over 50K in affiliate income a month. 

If you’re a blogger or have an online business, you’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate income from your blog without having your own products. Just recommend products or services you use and love to your readers and take a cut if they decide to purchase.

One goal we’ve had for our blog is to create more passive income streams. When we first began affiliate marketing, like a lot of us, we would stick a few affiliate links in my blog posts, and expect to make thousands.

Needless to say, we saw very minimum results with this method.

Thankfully, this didn’t last long, as we invested in Michelle’s course early on!

Before I get into our full review of the course, we want to give you some context to Michelle’s success with affiliate marketing.

Michelle’s earnings from her blog are consistently over $100,000 A MONTH:

  • April 2017: $131,448.35
  • March 2017: $130,856.35
  • February 2017: $160,211.27
  • January 2017: $139,233.00
  • 2016 total: $979,321.00

You’ll find her monthly income reports on her blog, split into where she earns what from, including affiliates, partnerships, sponsors etc..

What’s more Michelle is only in her 20’s, and has only been blogging since 2011.

Honest Review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

So we thought “How the heck has she managed to build such a reputable brand and blog?! What are we missing, so that we can be like her!?

And we were in luck:

Michelle doesn’t believe she’s the only blogger who can make a ton of money from affiliate marketing. She knows that she’s figured a thing or two out about how to monetise posts, but she thinks other bloggers can do the same thing.

So she created her course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, and here is our full review of what we thought of it:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: What You Will Learn

Of course, you’ll find more details on the official course website, but overall, the course has 6 modules, 30+ lessons, helpful worksheets, bonuses which seem to be updated and added fairly frequently and an awesome Facebook Group.

Here’s what’s included in “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing”:

  • Module 1: What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Module 2: How to Find and Apply to Affiliate Programs
  • Module 3: Follow the Rules
  • Module 4: How to get your Readers to Convert
  • Module 5: Strategies to Promote Affiliate Links
  • Module 6: Rinse and Repeat

She also goes into her favourite tools and touches on how to use Pinterest to promote your affiliate relationships, which for us was so important as Pinterest is our number one source of traffic.

Some additional details I feel you should know:

  1. The course is text-based. There are no videos involved, so if you prefer courses that are visual, this may not be a good fit. However, it’s easy to consume, and it’s geared toward beginners. It goes into the different affiliate networks and discusses the ins and outs of how to authentically promote affiliate links to your audience without making yourself feel icky (or turning off your readers).
  2. It’s self-paced. There is no open or close dates for enrolment and you can go as quickly or as slow as you want, which is great if you’re busy or always on the go.
  3. The course is designed for everyone, you don’t have to be in a certain niche to take it, but we think you’ll get the most out of it if you have an established blog and an idea of how to navigate WordPress.
  4. This isn’t a ‘how to start a blog’ course. If you’re brand new to blogging, we suggest you hold off making the investment until you have a blog up and running and feel confident with WordPress.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: My Experience and Results

Prior to purchasing this course, Yannick and I had no clue or knowledge on how to effectively and successfully implement affiliate links onto our travel blog. Therefore, when we purchased the course, it was like a whole new blogging world had opened for us that we never knew existed!

Initially, it did feel fairly basic and was mainly targeted towards beginners (which was great for us), but we could see why a few of our intimidate and advanced blogging friends thought it wasn’t in-depth enough.

Throughout the course, we had several lightbulb moments. The material of the course gets more advanced as we went on, and we began to learn more and more new strategies, in effectively earning an affiliate income from our blog. As we worked through the course (completing the worksheets), we began to put together an action plan, we kept getting genius ideas on how to implement affiliate marketing on our blog, it’s definitely useful to have all of this information in one place when you need to go back over a review a section too!

Our Results:

We used all the strategies in the course and have asked loads of questions in the VIP Facebook group. As a result, we now make around $150-300 a month from our blog in affiliate income. Okay, this doesn’t sound like much, but every month it is increasing considerably and best of all it’s completely passive!

Our main form of income is through Instagram, we earn around $25,000 a year through it.

We’ve even created our own online course: Instamazing Passion & Profits, which teaches you our exact strategies that we’ve done to gain followers, boost engagement and earn an income, so that you can too!

 Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: Additional Benefits

The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course comes with loads of bonuses to make your blog even more successful.

Bonus #1: Access to the private Facebook Mastermind group

By purchasing this course, you will receive access to the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Facebook Mastermind group. In our opinion, this group alone is worth the course fee. Everyone is helpful and keen to share ideas for affiliate marketing success.  Networking plays a huge part in blogging success, and this group can help you grow your network.

Bonus #2: Free Group Coaching Sessions

Two Saturdays a month, Michelle runs a group coaching session in the private Mastermind group for students in the course. It’s called “Ask Michelle Saturday.” This is your time to get feedback and support from Michelle, and you can ask any questions related to your business, course material, your affiliate strategy, blog. Even if you don’t have a question, we recommend making time to read through the thread each week as you’ll be sure to learn something new.

Bonus #3: Pinterest Strategy – How To Receive Hundreds of Thousands Of Visitors From Pinterest a Month ($136 value!)

Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter helps bloggers increase their Pinterest traffic tremendously. She charges $136 for her Pinterest Strategy Guide, but you get it for free with Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing! Michelle uses this exact strategy for Pinterest, and it has helped to increase our traffic tremendously.

Bonus #4: How to Always Get Approved To An Affiliate Program

This is an amazing bonus that will show you how to always get approved to an affiliate program. This bonus has really helped us to increase the amount of yes’s we get when applying for new affiliate programs.

Bonus #5: 9 Things You Must Do When Something Goes Viral

Every blogger dreams that their brand, social media post, or blog post will go viral. You’ll receive a PDF outlining exactly what to do and how to benefit from something going viral.

Bonus #6: How To Increase Your Page views

You do not need millions of page views per month to make money blogging, but it is something you will want to increase if you hope to improve your income. This bonus PDF will outline exactly what you must do in order to increase your page views.

Bonus #7: Michelle’s Affiliate Products And Services

This is a worksheet that will help you keep track of the affiliate programs you are in. This way you can easily reference and include affiliate links in new social media and blog posts.

Bonus #8: The Perfect Affiliate Link Checklist

Use the worksheet “The Perfect Affiliate Link Checklist” to make sure your affiliate link is perfect. A perfect affiliate link will lead to higher click-through-rates and conversions

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: Pro’s & Con’s


  • Work at your own pace
  • Access to all the lessons so you can re-read them whenever you want
  • You can earn 40% commission on referrals
  • VIP Facebook group to ask questions
  • Mini lesson on Pinterest
  • Course is laid out nicely
  • Her worked strategies worked for us!
  • You can pay in two instalments
  • Lifetime access


  • $197 price tag (however there are frequent promotions on)
  • All text based, if you’re an auditory or visual learner, this probably isn’t the course for you
  • Brand-new bloggers will need to understand the basics of blogging already in order to not feel overwhelmed
  • More established bloggers will find most of the value in the closed Facebook group rather than the course itself
  • You cannot fill the worksheets in online, you have to print them off

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: FAQ’s

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the course:

Does this course work for those outside of the United States?
This course is applicable to anyone in any country, as it doesn’t focus on one single affiliate program. You can use the strategies and tips in this course and apply it to any affiliate program that you want to promote. There are numerous people from all over the world join the course, including Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

Is the course refundable?
Sure is! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can contact Michelle in the first 30 days and she will give you a full refund. But, you must show her that you went through the course and took action, because none of the tips and methods she shares will work without you taking the time to implement them.

Do I really need this course? Does it offer any new info that free resources don’t?

Our honest answer here is that if you were to dig really deep on Google, and read a million blogs, you could probably find this information elsewhere. The difference for me though is that…
1) The information is all collected here and presented in a way that’s easy to understand and actionable. This saves you loads of time!
2) The course provides worksheets and action items that will guide you through creating an actual strategy.
3) Course bonuses – the support of Michelle and the Facebook group are really really handy – as are the bonus lessons in the course. These are perks that you simply won’t get from self-research, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want that support network or not.

You can also find numerous FAQ’s on the sales page.

Final Word

This course completely changed our way of blogging, and gave us the final push we needed to make affiliate marketing work for us.

If you’re unsure, the 30 Day refund policy is really your best friend. Just buy the course, see if it’s valuable for you, and then decide whether or not to ask for a refund. Simple as that.

SO, if you’re still here after that long long post, we hope you’ve found this review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing helpful. If you have any questions about the course, please leave a comment here below and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

If you want to learn more about the course, click this link to go to the course page now.


Do you have Pinterest? Save it for later!

Honest Review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

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