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Welcome to our couples travel tips page!

If you are looking for tips on how to travel as a couple, this page is for you.

couples travel tips


Travelling as a couple can be amazing and so rewarding, both for each other and yourself. It is SO different from travelling solo or with friends, it can make or break a relationship. You will share the most wonderful experiences with one another, and trust us it is so magical! But at times, it is not all plain sailing: you will have fights, arguments, and sometimes you will want to kill each other (not literally though!). One of your biggest challenges on the road will be spending literally 24/7 with each other, but at the same time this is your greatest gift.

For us, it’s compromise that is our single most important tip for traveling couples and for maintaining a great relationship on the road. We suggest you compromise when making decisions: where to go next, budgets, this hotel or that hotel, etc.

This page is all about couples travel, from the most romantic destinations in the world, to coping with fights on the road. You will find it all on this page!

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