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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Travel Guide

The cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are probably one of the most impressive cities we have ever visited. Its crazy to think that 20 years ago Dubai was literally just a dessert, and now look at it, one of the most developed, advanced cities in the world! If thats not impressive, then we don’t know what is! Dubai is one of our favourite cities too, just because it amazes us every time we visit, new skyscrapers, attractions and shopping malls are emerging like pop up cards! But what we love most, is that driving just an hour outside these amazing cities you’re into the open desert. Camels, falcons, and flashy cars are common driving through the desert.

Head to the Dubai Marina, one of our favourite places in the world, it will blow your mind away. Its a great place to see the flashy yachts, famous skyscrapers and eat in some of the yummiest Arabic restaurants around, at a great price too!


Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) Click here for currency conversion rates.
Language: Arabic, however don’t worry as most people in the tourism sector speak English.
Good to know: For sunset head to the Dubai fountains to experience a magical water show.
Capital: Abu Dhabi.
Visa: Most nationalities do not need a visa, however click here for more information.
Climate: The UAE gets very little rain, and can get stifling hot during the summer months, with temperatures rarely dropping below 40c during the day. Winter is a little more bearable with temperatures in the mid 20’s.
Power Adaptors: 3 pin plug – Type G (Click here for full information).
Global Peace Index: Rank 61st of 163.

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